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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Creating does not come easy lately...

But to get some inspiration I love to bead shop. Usually I go to my favorite bead store and "hang out" with some of the most creative people I have every met. But, this time I found a bead show that was about an hour away in Niagara Falls. Wow, what a wonderful place to draw creativity and to see the latest trends in beading, glass art and of course my favorite SILVER. But since money is a little tight these days, I decided to change my focus a little.

I bought some very heavy 12 gauge aluminum wire, some crystals and some gorgeous large ceramic beads. I am going to create some sun catchers and work on other projects besides jewelry for a change. I feel that some of my creative juices are stuck somewhere, and I can't seem to get them flowing. So, here is an example of what I have started to make. I personally think that they are so pretty, I might even put them on Etsy!

Take care, and as always...Happy Beading!



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  1. Just the thought of a bead show in Niagara Falls makes me feel happy. Great idea to focus on sun catchers!! Thanks for sharing!


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